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Fort Mohave, Arizona Tri-State Shooting Park

Bullhead City, Arizona Shooting Park

(Neighboring The Bullhead City Area)



For family fun and shooting expertise, join the Bullhead city Tri-State Shooting Park.  Children are welcome at the facility for practice and to teach them how to handle the various type of guns in a safe environment.  Our children and grandchildren use the park for shooting and to help the little ones learn how to use various guns for safety.

There are many events scheduled for adults, children and organizations.  While the park is open 7 days a week, check for the days when in use by police or various organizations. It has ample and clean areas for target practice with a special section for rifle shooting. 

The park is an excellent and safe environment for target practice. There is a set of rules to insure safety that must be followed.  To visit the park or for more information click here.  While the park is not located within the city proper, it’s near-by to serve the residents of Bullhead City in an area conducive for shooting.


Tri-State Shooting Park Features

Annual family memberships (self, spouse/domestic partner and children under 18) are $60.00 per calendar year and provide you with gate access to use the rifle/pistol ranges 7 days a week from sunup to sundown unless closed for special events, classes, or law enforcement training. Members trap/skeet = $4.00 per round / 25 clays.


Park Physical address:

4831 Boundary Cone Rd. 
Fort Mohave, AZ 86427


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