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Oatman Arizona
   Antique Safe Off The Town Road

We live close to Oatman, Arizona so we visit the town often. It’s a great place for spending an hour or so. It’s a small town, so it doesn’t take too long to complete a great visit by viewing the stores and at least eating a snack. 

If you love art, the art store/gallery offers beautiful art to view and perhaps purchase.  I’ve got a number of favorites from the large sized paintings to the much smaller pieces.

Oatman Arizona Facts

For reference, Oatman Arizona turned into a small mining camp not long after two prospectors struck $10 million in gold in the year 1915.  The area had already been settled for a number of years before the gold strike, but afterward, it’s population grew to more than 3,500 in the course of a year.  However, according to the Population Demographics for Oatman, Arizona in 2016 and 2017 there are now only 135 people.

Oatman had a fire in 1921 that destroyed many of the buildings, but it’s interesting that the Oatman Hotel survived. It was built in 1902 and it remains the oldest two-story adobe structure in Mohave County.  It’s a Mohave County historical landmark.

The hotel is famous for being the honeymoon stop of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard.  They were married in Kingman, a nearby city in Mohave Valley on March 18, 1939.  

Driving To Oatman Arizona

Over the years, Oatman has had many opportunities for continued growth, but during World War II Oatman was ordered to shut down their gold mining efforts by the United States government in favor of searching for other metals.   The one factor that saved the diminishing town in current times is their location. It’s on the famous and busy U.S. Route 66, which enables it to attract travelers driving between Kingman and Needles, California.

Perhaps the smallness of the town is a part of its appeal.  We enjoy regular visits and hope to take our grandchildren there on their next visit to Arizona.  While we’ve purchased many leather items from the local stores (very inexpensively) our favorite store is the “Gold Rush Candy Store” which is always stocked with candies from times past as well as other specialty candies.  

Address and Contact:

  • Oatman, AZ 86433
  • Phone number (928) 768-3990



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